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Sagittarius season is here. It has dawned on us faster than we could have anticipated, as the arrival of December officially marks the beginning of finals season and the countdown till break. This season, with its free and adventurous spirit, will hopefully push you outside of your comfort zone in the last two weeks of school, whether that means something as mundane as trying out a new studying or workout routine or something as hard as asking your crush out.

Sagittarius is one of the Fire signs along with Aries and Leo. If you’re one, you might be known for your natural attractions to thrills, adventures, and changes. Even if you aren’t one, this is the perfect time to step into the shoes of a Sagittarius: be adventurous and live life to the fullest.

Near the end of Scorpio season on November 16, Venus Retrograde finally came to an end, meaning that all the frustrations and roadblocks you have been feeling and encountering will soon be dissipating. On that note, you should definitely stop reaching out to your toxic exes for false consolation. Sagittarius season, arriving right on time, should give you more courage to initiate a new relationship and venture out to make connections with people that you haven’t had the chance to in the past three months. Befriend that person you have been eyeing the whole semester! Sagittarius season has got your back.

Some of our favorite Sagittarius celebrities include Nicki Minaj, Taylor Swift, and Chrissy Teigen. As Fire signs, they naturally find themselves at the center of the spotlight, exuding fearless and unapologetic energy. We should all take advantage of this season, let go a little bit, and enjoy the last stretch of the fall semester with more courage and openness!

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