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Anton Zhou / Staff Illustrator

Kicking off April with a couple inches of snow, I am sure y’all are as pumped and ready for warm weather as I am. After a long winter, we are all ready to shed a few layers and glow with some spring fashion. Shy of your closet? Don’t worry, Spectrum’s got you covered! For our April issue, we invited the e-board of Hoot Magazine, the fashion magazine on campus, to share with you some of their favorite spring trends.

Carolina Dalia Gonzalez BC’19, Editor-in-Chief

“My favorite spring trend now is the color yellow. I think the millennial pink trend has been too much as of late and I love the color pink, but now it’s moving towards yellow. So, like, yellow sunglasses, yellow sweaters, yellow dresses, yellow accesories, all that fun stuff, but specifically mustard yellow.”

Anton Zhou

Layla Alexander CC’21, PR Director

“I’m really into the big sneaker trend, like the big ugly ones Raf Simons and Balenciaga have been putting out. Bow, I think not big but just ugly sneakers are really in trend. Nike and Comme de Garçons put out this sneaker that a lot of influencers have been wearing. A lot of Skechers- or Asics-style running sneakers that are originally made for [athletic performance], not for fashion, are really in this spring.”

“Hot take—cowboy boots. I feel like they are really coming in! I can be quoted!” (This comment received much controversy and debate within the Hoot e-board).

Anton Zhou

Paloma Raines BC’20, Market Director

“Tiny sunglasses! I like my sunglasses to be so small that they only cover a sliver of my face.”

Anton Zhou

Mia Ciallella BC’19, Fashion Director

“I’m really into the fanny pack right now. I feel like it’s a good festival wear type of thing, and people are putting it across the body, which is really interesting. I feel like the fanny pack and the cross-body are like sisters, but not the same thing.”

Anton Zhou

Maria Adetunji BC’20, Blog Director

“My favorite spring trends are long tops, so I don’t need to wear pants, and highlighter, so the sun can see me.”

Anton Zhou

Darinelle Merced-Calderon CC’20, Features Director

“I don’t like the sparkly boots. … The ones that Rihanna wore, I was like, it’s okay because it was Rihanna, but I would not like them on anyone else, but I am behind the heels and socks trend. … Mesh socks with sparkles with accent heels with a metallic flavor to it. I like those.”

Olivia Baker CC’20, Blog Director

“Body Lava by Fenty. Body makeup. Skin’s out, so skin’s gotta be glowing in the sun. I thought Mary J. Blige at [the] Oscars had highlighter on her chest, but it was sweat. … But Rihanna saw it and ran with it.”

Anton Zhou


“Pants that have prints and embroidery, like cherry prints, etc.”


“Biker shorts.”

“Windbreakers and Adidas pants. … They’ve been in trend forever.”

“Stripes! If you walk into Zara, everything has stripes on them. Jeans, skirts, shirts, everything.”

“Chains, links, heavy metalwear, like in ‘Straightlaced,’ an SS18 Holler shoot by Shelby Hettler.”

Whether it’s the athleisure trend or the French girl look, we hope that with the help of Hoot, you are ready to embrace the warmth and rock some fun and trendy spring looks in the last month of the school year! If you need more inspiration, you can also check out Hoot’s latest Spring 2018 issue.

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