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As Columbia students, opening a book to read over break can seem like too much work. After all, reading hundreds of pages in small print is all we ever do here. Thankfully, podcasts exist to ensure that our tired eyes can take a break in the midst of midterm madness. In fact, even after midterm season is over, we all need spring break to recharge. So why not do that by listening to a podcast all about self-growth? You can then come back from break more productive and positive than ever and (hopefully) become the type of student Columbia is in dire need of this time of year.

"Happier with Gretchen Rubin”

Looking for a podcast to help you manifest happiness in your life? Gretchen Rubin, best-selling author of "The Happiness Project,” and her sister, Elizabeth Craft, discuss healthy habits that will add happiness to your life. If you are currently spending too much time crying in Butler or feeling unfulfilled by your life here at Columbia, this is the podcast for you. After all, Rubin has been interviewed by Oprah, so that gives her enough accreditation.

"The I Simply Am Podcast: Mindfulness | Self Love | Self Awareness” with Josh Becker

Are you the kind of person who sits on Low Steps in solitude, asking yourself the question, “Who am I?” Fear not. Josh Becker may be able to provide you with some answers. Each episode gives you an exercise to practice, in hopes that you may discover your purpose in life. Listen to this podcast if you are in search of the answers to some of the toughest personal questions in your life.

"Daily Boost” with Scott Smith

At Columbia, we all lack motivation from time to time. We wonder why, week after week, we spend the entirety of Sunday night doing the work we should have gotten done days before. “Daily Boost” with Scott Smith helps listeners destress and find enthusiasm for the day. Grab your cup of coffee from Joe’s, put in your headphones, and listen to this podcast to help yourself feel motivated to have the most productive day possible.

"The Lively Show” with Jess Lively

How does one live a life filled with intention in a high-stress academic environment like Columbia? Jess Lively interviews dozens of successful people in their respective fields about how they live with intention. The goal of the podcast is to guide listeners in finding purpose in their lives. Perhaps you should take a walk in Riverside Park and give this podcast a listen to find your meaning in life.

"Just Stay Curious” with Gillian Rose Rodriguez

Cultivating self-love is a lifelong struggle for many. In “Just Stay Curious,” Gillian Rose Rodriguez interviews women from various parts of the world about life’s hardships and pleasures, but she specifically asks them about their relationship with self-love. This podcast can give you the tips you need if you think you’re lacking self-love in your life.

"Let It Out with Katie Dalebout”

From managing relationships to increasing productivity, this podcast covers all topics for self-improvement and reflection. Katie Dalebout invites guests of different career fields either to help lead a conversation about a heavy topic, or to keep the conversation light. If you’re looking to learn a thing or two about self-growth while you destress over break, be sure to give “Let It Out with Katie Dalebout” a listen.

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